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2019 Edition

2019 Edition

Music without boundaries

Sile Jazz is an edition of “big numbers” (big heads)!

It is the eighth great birthday of Sile Jazz, a festival that this year celebrates a lot of important changes and a new goal: more than 60 musicians, 14 concerts of 12 different involved municipalities, a cruise in the lagoon and for the very first time new bike touring routes along the river’s bike path in addition to the warm hospitality of the typical restaurants serving a variety of traditional dishes.

Not only Music then but a real harbor of sounds / music without boundaries that connects and put together the newest musical proposals from all over the world with the interest and the curiosity to get to know such an almost untouched fascinating territory rich of traditions and history: the wonder of Sile, of all the villages along it , the remarkable Venetian Villas in the historical centres.

And… if you could ever take a chance to experience this beauty reaching the different spots by bike and indulging yourself with a traditional meal, then it’ll certainly be a humanly and artistically touristic life-time experience!!!