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Friday 22nd July, 9 PM

PIOMBINO DESE (PD), Piazza Risorgimento

Claire Marie Parsons – voice
Federico Calcagno – clarinet, bass clarinet
Filippo Rinaldo – piano, keyboard
Stefano Zambon – double bass
Francesca Remigi – drums, composition

In collaboration with Nuova Generazione Jazz, I-Jazz and IMAIE

Let’s go near Padua for the latest dates for Sile Jazz, which still has surprises in store. The festival presents Archipélagos: a progressive jazz project born in Brussels in March 2019, a finalist for the Maastricht Jazz Awards 2020. A cultured and sophisticated project, where the music is inspired by the writings of sociologists and historians (including Noam Chomsky, Zygmunt Bauman, Samuel Huntington and William McNeill). The compositional solutions and sounds are strongly influenced by modern jazz, contemporary classical music, but also Indian carnatic music, progressive rock, electronics and free jazz. An international quintet, with diverse musical cultures, united in a unique sound.

Gruppo selezionato nell’ambito del Bando NuovoIMAIE, i concerti saranno realizzati con i fondi dell’articolo 7 L. 93/92