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Claudio Fasoli Next Quartet

Sabato 16 luglio, ore 21.00

JESOLO (VE), Parco dei Cigni, Via Sant'Antonio 11

Claudio Fasoli – tenor soprano sax
Simone Massaron – electric guitar
Tito Mangialajo – double bass
Stefano Grasso – drums

Back for the second year in Jesolo for an evening of excellence with Claudio Fasoli Next Quartet. Second Best Italian Musician, Best Record of the Year for NEXT in the Top Jazz classification. These are just some of the accolades won by the Milanese saxophonist, Venetian by birth. Continuous experimentation, incessant research and fervid creativity mark Claudio Fasoli’s music and position him at the top of international jazz and research music. With Simone Massaron, Tito Mangialajo and Stefano Grasso he will bring to Sile Jazz his sound masses, noisy and electronic clouds that overlap and amalgamate with compositional rigour, made up of melody, harmony and rhythmic propulsion but also of pauses, intervals, dilated harmonies.