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ECO DAY: Redshift Trio

Sunday 17th July, 9 PM

Quinto di Treviso (TV), Piazza Roma

Nico Soffiato – baritone guitar, bass guitar, synths
Josh Deutsch – trumpet
Deric Dickens – drums

A day dedicated to sustainability, the environment and great music. Back to Sile Jazz “The Clean River”, the Eco Day in Quinto di Treviso, with many green activities and the concert by Redshift Trio, great friends of nusica.org. Deutsch and Soffiato founded their duo in 2006, drawing on their shared passion for music, which spans various genres, from classical to jazz, pop and rock. Their music ranges from electronic loops to acoustic pieces, balancing moments of carefully structured composition with spaces for improvisation and interaction. Also joining them for the occasion is drummer Deric Dickens, a drummer originally from South Georgia who has settled in Brooklyn for more than a decade. Grammy-winning trumpeter and composer Josh Deutsch is a unique voice in the New York contemporary music scene, where he regularly performs as a leader and sideman.