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Emiliano D'Auria 4et ft Luca Aquino

Friday 10th June, 9 PM

Roncade, Parco dell’Isola sul Musestre

Luca Aquino – trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone
Emiliano D’Auria – piano, electric piano, synth
Giacomo Ancillotto – electric guitar
Dario Miranda – double bass
Ermanno Baron – drums

One more stage with the ensemble of the composer and pianist Emiliano D’Auria 4et in collaboration with the trumpeter Luca Aquino as a special guest. The music impact created by the meeting of these excellent musicians, explorers of hidden sounds on the border between melodic and avant-garde research, places this formation in a prominent position in the panorama of that genre of jazz that knows how to see beyond its borders and feed on experimental languages. The balance between Mediterranenan melodies and rarefied sounds is perfectly aligned with the idea of openness and vision that the training brings with it. A project that manages to insert the listener into a dimension strongly anchored to the melody but at the same time full of elements with a dreamlike flavour.