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Francesca Gaza Octet

Friday 15th July, 9 PM


Francesca Gaza – voice and keyboard
Jacopo Fagioli – trumpet
Francesco Panconesi – tenor sax
Federico D’Angelo – baritone sax and bass clarinet
Lorenzo Pellegrini – guitar and backing vocals
Luca Sguera – grand piano, prophet, keyboard and glockenspiel
Alessandro Mazzieri – bass and synth bass
Mattia Galeotti – drums

Spazio Colombo in Badoere di Morgano is the stage for Francesca Gaza Ottetto, a well-established group of friends, collaborators and musicians, which was founded in 2017. The ensemble, consisting of vocals, trumpet, tenor and baritone saxophone, piano, guitar, electric bass and drums, is an unconventional band, in which the writing and arranging duties are Francesca Gaza’s responsibility, but their personalities, skills and wide-ranging taste for jazz, art pop, folk, and classical have long blended together to form a cohesive sound, both sophisticated and playful, combining nostalgic influences with a contemporary attitude.