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HackOut! Trio

Friday 24th June, 9 PM

ZERO BRANCO (TV), Villa Guidini

Luca Zennaro – eletric guitar
Manuel Caliumi – sax
Riccardo Cocetti – drums

Villa Guidini in Zero Branco – where Sile Jazz and nusica.org are at home – welcomes the HackOut! trio: a bass-less ensemble born within the walls of the “F.Venezze” Conservatory of Rovigo. Focal point of their project, the search for their own sound identity following a path of timbral experimentation where interplay plays a fundamental role. The repertoire consists exclusively of unreleased pieces written ad-hoc with the aim of emphasizing the very nature of the formation by emphasizing the musical personalities of the individual elements seeking the balance between harmonic structures and radical improvisation, acoustic and electric timbres.