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Johannes Mössinger The Art of Trio

Saturday 25th June, 9PM

SILEA, Area verde della centrale idroelettrica

Johannes Mössinger – piano
Andy Hunter – trombone
Silvio Morger – drums

An evening with international guests awaits the Municipality of Silea, among the greenery of the Alzaia del Sile. Johannes Mössinger, one of Germany’s most versatile pianists, the great New York trumpeter Andy Hunter and the Swiss drummer Silvio Morger, united to create a new vision of modern jazz. The starting point of this musical journey is their polyphonic way of playing, in which various improvised melodic lines continuously form new sounds with rhythmic interpretations. With the freedom of improvisation and their amazing ability to mix melodies, the three masters develop pieces of art in a very personal way. Dedication and intensity of expression generate magical moments, in which American and European jazz belong to one big world. The three musicians have collaborated together for a long time and are active in various formations in America and Europe.