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Lorenzo de Finti 4et

Saturday 2nd July, 9 PM

MOGLIANO VENETO (TV), Piazzetta del Teatro

Lorenzo De Finti – piano
Alberto Mandarini – trumphet
Stefano Dall’Ora – double bass
Marco Castiglioni – drums

The festival’s second stop in Mogliano Veneto to welcome Lorenzo de Finti 4et and tracks from their new work Mysterium Lunae, a project created to bring moments of beauty and brightness to the darkness of the past two years. It was the search for a new, different, acoustic, space-rich musical adventure that prompted Milanese pianist Lorenzo De Finti to found the quartet together with Alberto Mandarini, Stefano Dall’Ora and Marco Castiglioni. Their range opens up to different scenarios: from the unabashedly “bluesy” solos of bassist Stefano Dall’Ora, the dragging and fully “rock” grooves of drummer Marco Castiglioni, to the classical and cinematic sound of trumpeter Alberto Mandarini, the listener becomes the protagonist of a journey through feelings and textures that defy all expectations.