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Zoe Pia and Cettina Donato

Sunday 26th June, 9 PM

VEDELAGO, Villa Grimani Morosini Gatterburg

Zoe Pia – clarinet
Cettina Donato – piano

On the first date of the festival in the Municipality of Vedelago, in the beautiful Barchessa of Villa Grimani, Sardinia and Sicily meet: a sound dialogue and an exclusive project that combines elegance and charm with the compositions of the pianist, composer, conductor Cettina Donato and the clarinetist, launeddist and composer Zoe Pia. The two artists will move together between earth, water, wind and fire along ancestral paths, as exciting as they are radically magical, between identity and roots, history and poetry. Zoe Pia makes an important journey back into the historical memory of her land and the musical journey celebrates an encounter between the nuragic past and subsequent stratifications with her album Shardana, in which the sacred and the profane mix. Cettina Donato has conducted several Italian orchestras, and in Boston she founded a big band in her name with musicians from the five continents. In his career he has collaborated with important soloists of the national and international jazz scene.