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the Festival

It was born in 2011 with the aim of offering the community a moment of meeting, quality cultural exchange and rediscovery of the places adjacent to the river. The festival grows over the years, and consolidates its mission: the desire to introduce the public to soloists and composers among the most original, innovative and creative of the contemporary music scene and the need to enhance the territory, even in its most unknown corners, with an unusual look.

the Organizers


nusica.org for the third consecutive year joins the Jazz Area Metropolitana project, a network that includes all events related to contemporary jazz organized in the area of the three former provinces of Venice, Padua and Treviso. The goal for which this network was created is to collect more economic resources and implement communication in this area and promote synergies between different partners: public, private, foundations, sponsors and organizations that deal with culture and the territory. The Jazz Area Metropolitana network was born in 2017 to promote jazz and research music in the so-called Veneto metropolitan area, by linking existing initiatives consolidated over the years and numerous public and private partners that contribute to the socio-cultural development of this area.

Alessandro Fedrigo

the Artistic Director

Alessandro Fedrigo – bassist, composer and teacher – is a founding member and coordinator, together with Nicola Fazzini, of the nusica.org Association. He is responsible for the musical choices of Sile Jazz, which have always been based on the combination of maximum artistic quality and innovation. As a musician he is considered among the best specialists in fretless bass (without the frets), he has played with prestigious ensembles throughout Europe and has around thirty CDs to his credit.